It’s a Free Domain Name (correctly a subdomain) that you can use.

Other domains have become more abused (I won’t name it, but you know what it is!) manually approves registrations, so it is less likely to be abused.
That’s why I’m currently testing

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Public Suffix List is included in the Public Suffix List.

It really allows ICANN domain-like use for some services.
For example,  Let’s Encrypt issues certificates as well as ICANN management domains. types

 Open domains and policies |

You have several choices instead of, For example:

  • (It can be registered by people other than USA!)

Name Server

You need to set up a name server when registering with It is not provided by
I can teach you a name server service for that.

 Dynu (Dynu Systems)
 Hurricane Electric Free DNS ( - Set “Check for correctness of:” to server names

You can also change the name server after registration.
I like  Cloudflare. Cloudflare allows you to manage your domain for free and unlimited.


The registration is manually approved by the administrator. So you have to wait patiently to be registered.

I have registered and have also set up subdomains. (You see it on my GitHub project)
That is the workaround.

Available services

  •  Cloudflare - Excludes Cloudflare Pages. May include Cloudflare Workers later
  • GitHub Pages - If you don’t add any more subdomains, you’ll get a mail notification after git push.
  • Google Sites - cannot be used. You also need a subdomain.
    For example (It’s the same as the ICANN domain)
  •  Surge - Have you ever seen robots.txt in is not subject to that restriction.
  •  Vercel