Ichigo=イチゴ=🍓Strawberry. Apart from that, there is a Japanese reading of “1=Ichi”, “5=Go”(not stretch).

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IchigoJam S
IchigoJam BASIC

🍓 https://ichigojam.net/index-en.html

The developers were exposed to  MSX when they were students.
Therefore, it was released under the name of MSX0. It was April Fool’s Day:  https://fukuno.jig.jp/615
But the current IchigoJam BASIC has many different specifications from MSX-BASIC.
Most of them are due to the capacity limitation of LPC1114.

IchigoJam was set at a low price (It’s over 1500 yen), assuming a learning kit for students.
It was time to introduce programming education in Japan.
Currently in Japan, there are programming classes using IchigoJam,
and there are schools that introduce IchigoJam in education.

IchigoJam has IN and OUT terminals and can be easily operated with BASIC.
Therefore, IchigoJam came to be used as a control of electronic work.
Of course, you can also display it on the screen to create games and enjoy it.

🎈 イチゴジャム レシピ - 🗾 日本語情報


🎈 IchigoJam BASIC Program | YouTube

My IchigoJam BASIC program.
There is a link to the program source in the overview.\

IchigoJam web


You can use IchigoJam BASIC right now.


  • It inherits the latest beta version. It is constantly updated.
  • You can paste the program into the text box below and IMPORT it.
  • Please note that the URL changes when you press IMPORT.
    You can share the URL. This URL will grow longer depending on the program size.
  • The processing speed will be slower than the actual IchigoJam.

IchigoJam BASIC RPi


If you have an old Raspberry Pi or Zero series, that’s a good option.

It doesn’t work on Raspberry Pi 4 and 400.
For Raspberry Pi 4 or 400, use  IchigoJam web via Chromium.


Facebook group IchigoJam-FAN is mainly for Japanese:

The IchigoJam administrator has a separate IchigoJam-FAN@en:



Do you think BASIC is old? IchigoLatte is your choice. Supports the following languages:

  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Python

Serial transfer

You use the USB to TTL module to transfer and manipulate programs
from other PCs to IchigoJam.

IchigoJamUSB to TTL
There are some modules that connect in reverse. That is: TXD-TXD, RXD-RXD

Use any terminal software on your PC.

  • baud: 115200
  • Line feed code for TTL to IchigoJam: CR
  • Line feed code for IchigoJam to TTL: LF

When you turn on IchigoJam,
you will get the same display in the terminal software.

IchigoJam has its own control code. To get rid of it:




Set the line feed code of TTL to IchigoJam to CR LF

Baud settings in IchigoJam:

BPS (bard)

if you set bard to 115200, it is BPS 0. (Default)

Firmware (OS) update

The firmware (OS) can be updated using the USB to TTL module.