Neocities was launched as another Geocities. Many are places to share nostalgic websites, but you can simply use them as free websites.

🎈 Neoctiies(| ふうせん🎈 FU-SEN - 🗾 日本語情報

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 The Neocities Anycast CDN

CDN is adopted for Neocities. There are edge servers around the world.

List / Activity

 Sites on Neocities | Neocities  Activity | Neocities

By default, Neocities will display your website in this list or Activity.

If you want to disable this: Settings - Manage Site Settings - Disable Site Profile


You would have entered the Tags when signing up.
If you want to change these Tags, there is an item in the sidebar of “profile”.

Neocities CLI

 The Neocities CLI | Neocities

Neocities usually edit files from the web, but you can use the API instead.

If you are familiar with Shell and Terminal,
this is the ideal way to publish on the web.

gem install neocities

Go to the directory you want to publish and run the following command:

neocities push .

If you run it for the first time, you will be asked for an account.
Enter your Neocities username and password.

. Is the current directory.
If you are using Hugo it will generate a public/ folder, therefore:

neocities push public


 kognise/neocel | GitHub

It can be used instead of CLI.
It publishes very quickly and also deletes files when updated.
It can also work on Windows.

You can easily switch between multiple sites using tokens.
Tokens also enable processes such as GitHub Action, CI/CD.
This token is an API key and can be obtained even after logging in to Neocities.