Neocities was launched as another Geocities. Many are places to share nostalgic websites, but you can simply use them as free websites.

Lightweight personal wiki running on a single HTML file of 0.06M

It’s a Free Domain Name (correctly a subdomain) that you can use.

Ichigo=むチゴ=πŸ“Strawberry. Apart from that, there is a Japanese reading of “1=Ichi”, “5=Go”(not stretch).

Surge ( can be quickly deployed on a static site with the CLI.
It’s free and no restrictions on the admin site and bandwidth.

It would be correct to recognize that
“Commore VIC-20 and Commore 64 in US, Sinclair ZX80, ZX81 and ZX Spectrum in UK, MSX in Japan”.

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My favorite programming language is BASIC
I want a lot of balloons 🎈😍

πŸ—Ύ Japan